Mini Unicorn Doll - Custom Made to Order - Please read description.

Mini Unicorn Doll - Custom Made to Order - Please read description.

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One beautiful handmade to order, customizable, small, unicorn doll. I will do my best to make the doll that will be special to you. The mini size is my personal favorite. It may look easier or faster to make smaller dolls than larger dolls, but it actually makes it difficult. But to me they are so cute, it is worth the time. They are perfect for little hands to play and cuddle, but fun little friends for imaginative grown ups too. 


 INSTRUCTIONS - please read:
The key to making a custom doll that you love is clear communication. I will need to communicate with you and be able to reach you quickly if I have any questions so please leave your email address or instagram username so I can contact you.  Please also leave your choices in the order notes or email me at [ libertylavenderdolls at gmail dot com ] with your order number and instructions. I will send you a photo when I'm done, or if I have questions, and I will wait for your approval to send the doll unless you ask for it to be a surprise.

You can choose:

(1) Mane color

(2) Horn color

(3) Silvery, golden, or no sparkles

(4) Open or closed eyes. I can do larger or smaller eyes. 

(5) skirt or romper

(6) Accessory options: scarf, flower headpiece, pompom headpiece, collar, cape (doesn't work for pegasus) purse, boots, cowl, crochet top. Let me know before purchase if you want something different.

(7) Stars embroidery, pegasus wings.

(8) Natural unbleached (speckled), ivory or white cotton fabric body.

If I can't get ahold of the materials in the colors you want, I will let you know and need you to let me know what you would like instead. 

♥ Turnaround time BEFORE shipping is usually between 1-2 months for made-to-order items. It can be more or less depending on how fast and clear our communication is, my workload at the time,  and also on if I have trouble getting ahold of the materials it can definitely take extra time. So please be patient with me! I will try my best to make you happy. However I will not rush custom orders. 

♥ The doll will not be exactly like the ones you see in the photos, they all turn out a little different.  These dolls usually measure around 6 to 7.5 inches tall. From tip of horn to feet. 

♥ Body fabric will be 100% cotton. Felt is 100% wool. Stuffed with Poly-fil. The yarn will contain wool, alpaca or other fibers, so please let me know if there are any allergies that I need to be aware of. 

♥ This doll is meant for cuddles and gentle play or as an art piece for your room.

♥ The main body of this doll is lined and double stitched for durability. However it is not meant for rough play or chewing. Please change clothes gently.

♥  Not for children 3 and under, as it has small parts and may have long strings. 


♥ Spot clean only, no bleach. 

♥ When changing the clothing please use care. 


Please do not copy my work. 
Colors may display differently on different screens, although I have done my best to accurately depict the item.
Please see shop policies before buying, sale is final.

Mini Unicorn Doll - Custom Made to Order - Please read description.
Mini Unicorn Doll - Custom Made to Order - Please read description.